#401 See Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

LOCATION: The Majestic Theater, New York City The Phantom of the Opera could not be a more iconic play to go see. Written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, it is about a mysterious, disfigured man who becomes obsessed with a woman … Continue reading

#389: Go Apple Picking

LOCATION: Carter Mountain Orchard, Charlottesville, VA First things first. HOLY BUCKET LIST HIATUS! It has been awhile since I last did something, and let me tell you, it has not been without trying! I’ve attempted to go to a hot … Continue reading

#385: Swim in a Great White Shark Cage

Gansbaai, South Africa Swimming in a great white shark cage has been a dream of mine for quite some time. I went in my first tiger shark cage when I visited Hawaii in 2005. I was hooked. I knew I … Continue reading

#380: Spend the Night in a Haunted Hotel

 Casablanca Inn. St. Augustine, Florida The Casablanca Inn is known for being one of the most haunted locations in St. Augustine. It was built in 1914 and was known as the Matanzas Hotel since it overlooked the Matanzas Bay. It … Continue reading

#377: Complete a Race a Month for a Year

My goal for 2015 was to run ONE race per MONTH for the entire year. This was no easy task to complete either and I learned a lot about myself and the perseverance I am willing to take on. I … Continue reading

#376: Swim with Whale Sharks

Location: La Paz, Mexico Whale sharks are not exactly whales, and not exactly sharks, which can cause some confusion when I tell someone I’m going to go swim with a whale shark. A whale shark is a slow moving filter … Continue reading

#371: Stay at a Bed and Breakfast

LOCATION: Harmony Hills Bed & Breakfast, Nelson County, VA I’ve been wanting to stay in a bed and breakfast for awhile now. While looking up various ones, I’ve noticed that a lot only offer a continental style breakfast. My stipulation … Continue reading

#366: Complete a Triathlon

LOCATION: Buckroe Beach, Hampton, Virginia I debated whether or not to count this since this triathlon was a very miniature one on the scale of triathlons. However, after looking up the rules of triathlons, it is a recognized event! Triathlons … Continue reading

#364: Go to the Old Jameson Distillery

  LOCATION: Old Jameson Distillery. Dublin, Ireland The Old Jameson Distillery is another MUST tourist attraction in Dublin. Ireland locals like to drink, so might as well do what they do.   The distillery has since been moved out of … Continue reading

#360: Kiss the Blarney Stone

  LOCATION: Blarney Castle. Cork, Ireland The Blarney Stone is a block of bluestone (the same stone as Stonehenge) built into the Blarney Castle located in Cork, Ireland. Legend has it that kissing the stone will give you the gift … Continue reading

#355 and #356: Go to a Horse Race & Attend the Kentucky Derby

  LOCATION: Churchill Downs. Louisville, Kentucky This year is the 141st year for the Kentucky Derby and I managed to get myself and three of my girlfriends a ticket to attend this grand affair. The race is known for being … Continue reading

#344: Tour an Active Aircraft Carrier

LOCATION: CVN 71 Theodore Roosevelt. Norfolk, VA It’s not often you get to take a tour of an aircraft carrier that is still in use. I’ve been aboard the Midway in San Diego. Since it’s been turned into a museum, … Continue reading