#403: Go Zorbing


LOCATION: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

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Zorbing is an activity that is rolling down a hill in an orb/ball of transparent plastic and originated in New Zealand in the 80s but I heard about it in 2010. It was only in New Zealand at the time so I thought for sure my only opportunity to go would be there. As we planned our trip to Tennessee, I saw that there was a zorbing site (one of only 3 in the entire United States). I had to go!


We arrived at Outdoor Gravity Park for our 3 ride package in the OGO ball. The course they had was not very large, but consisted of 3 tracks that were a fun zig zag course, a speed course (which we did not try), and an extreme zig zag course. The OGO ball was a large 300 square feet plastic ball that had 1000 plastic anchors, and an entrance tube that was so secure it was insane. The guys working at the park explained that one ball costs $13,000 to buy and that their course is the only approved zorbing course in the United States. They spent months of engineering in getting the hills just right for the OGO movement.



We were able to go together in the mini zig zag course. You jump into the ball and it’s full of water so that you slip and slide everywhere in the ball’s tube. We locked arms and waited for them to push us off the ledge.




I expected to just stay in one spot and have the ball move around us, as if we were on a slide but man was I wrong. We were slipping and sliding every which way and going around like we were in a roller coaster. It was seriously the best. I would say the experience was a slip and slide in a hamster ball. We ended up doing that course twice and then the extreme zig zag course individually. The individual course was fun, but it was WAY more fun together. I highly recommend going zorbing. It is well worth the money.

There are a courses set up in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania as well, but the Tennessee course is an approved zorbing vendor so I would go there.

*Thanks Chris for accompanying me on this adventure.

WOULD I DO THIS AGAIN? Absolutely!!!!

HOW TO DO THIS? Book online at https://www.outdoorgravitypark.com 1 roll is $28 and 3 rolls is $57. This center provides changing rooms as well which made it really convenient since we traveled from VA.


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