#402: Get Engaged


LOCATION: Fat Canary Restaurant, Williamsburg, VA

I got engaged! Well, on February 10th I got engaged. I realize I’m writing this post in April but I really wanted to include some engagement photos with this so I waited. Time for some back story!


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The story of how we met goes back to October 2016 when I went to WAWA daily for coffee before work. Chris was the manager at the WAWA next to my house and he was there during my morning coffee runs. I thought he was cute, so I mentioned that I liked his tattoos while he rang up my stuff one morning. He scoffed at my comment and sent me on my way. Clearly he was not a single man! While I lost hope on the cute manager, I still had eyes for that particular WAWA by mentioning to my friend Katie about all the cute men that went there. We dubbed it the HOT WAWA and I said I would end up meeting a guy there someday. Manifestation at its best!


Many many many months later (Aug 2017), lots of smiles between each other, and so many coffees that I clearly couldn’t just make myself at home we finally had a real conversation. A man was in the store singing “The Circle of Life” from the Lion King. Chris finished ringing up my coffee and said “Is he seriously singing Disney?” I mentioned something about how the music choice in the store was my favorite and went on my way. I texted my friend Lina about the exchange between Chris and I.


The infamous text I sent Lina about Chris

Later the next week, he noticed my awesome Deadpool work lanyard and the rest is history! Turns out the scoffing man, was in fact, single. Our first date was on September 7, 2017 at Plaza Azteca for Mexican food.


Our first pic. Va Beach oceanfront Sept 2017




We didn’t date too long before getting engaged, when you know you know! However, we made sure that our dating story had lots of adventure throughout. We went to a wedding in Miami in November 2017


Miami wedding. Nov 2017

where we went road tripping through North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

We went flying in a seaplane, air boating through the marshes of the Everglades, and swam with manatees on that trip.


In December 2017, we went road tripping through Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York where we did Christmas activities in PA and NYC.

We went ice skating, explored the World Trade Center museum, saw The Phantom of the Opera play, went to the top of the Empire State building, and visited all the big NYC Christmas decorations. We ended that trip at the Baltimore aquarium for Chris’ Christmas gift surprise.


In January 2018, we started the year by adopting a little kitten and named him Bucky. He’s definitely more for Marvel than for us, but we like him too.


We definitely kept our lives busy in the short dating time we had. We managed to have even MORE packed before the wedding too! We just came home from a trip to St Augustine and Universal Studios.


In April we will be going to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. In May we will be headed to Atlanta for a Braves game, and then in July we go to Raleigh for the day to see a Lindsay Stirling concert. Are you tired? I am!





Chris proposed on February 10th 2018 during his 35th birthday dinner. We went to the Fat Canary restaurant in Williamsburg for dinner with his Dad (Jeff) and his step mom (Melisa).


Dinner/dessert BEFORE the proposal

Originally wanting to propose during dinner, Chris changed his plans when he saw one of the Virginia LOVE signs right outside the restaurant.

After eating, he suggested we all take photos at the sign together. When it was our turn, he started talking to me about us and love. As soon as he got down on one knee, I blacked out. Not fainted…but I just don’t remember hearing OR seeing anything. I didn’t even see the ring! I did say yes though!





Immediately after proposing



We’re Engaged!

The proposal was extra special as Chris used his mom’s engagement ring to propose to me. A ring that has been passed down in his family from his Great Grandmother. Definitely one of the best moments of my life.


The Ring: Belonged to his mom, grandmother and great grandmother.





Our wedding will be August 11th in a very small (less than 30) ceremony at a Victorian bed and breakfast in Williamsburg. We are very excited to share the day with our closest family and friends in a beautiful outside setting. In December, we booked our honeymoon for two weeks in Thailand! We will be splitting up our time between Bangkok and Phuket. We are beyond excited for that trip.



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