#399: Go to Seattle



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I guess the title should be Go to Seattle AGAIN, because yes, I have been there before but also not really. I went in 2009, however upon arrival I got extremely sick and didn’t take any photos or remember much other than throwing up outside of Pike’s Place market.


So, a redo was definitely in order and luckily this was a work trip and not on my dime! WIN WIN. Knowing that I’d be in meetings the entire week, I made the most of my trip by arriving at 1pm and spending the day in downtown Seattle.


I lucked out by having the most beautiful day ever on my trip (the rest was cold and rainy). I walked around Pike’s Place market and went to the Space Needle. Pike’s Place was super busy, as usual.


There were tons of fruit and veggie stands, some containing food I’ve never even seen before. There were craft vendors, wineries and florists. The flowers blew me away because for $10-20 you could get arrangements that would be about $100+ normally. No excuse for Seattlites to not buy flowers now! Also in the Pike’s Place area was the first Starbucks ever opened. I did NOT go in for a drink…why? Oh because the line was about 1-1.5 hours long…at all times. Seriously. It’s Starbucks people!


Starbucks line


Starbucks line for the first one opened

Pike’s Place area is also known for some really good food, which I tried later during the week and a famous gum wall. The gum wall is pretty fascinating and gross all at the same time. The gum was getting to be too much so they scrapped it off and it has since been rebuilt up with more gum. Some people were touching the pieces on the wall. EW!


Gum wall in Pikes Place


I also went to the Space Needle. I didn’t have a lot of time to spend up there, but the views were so gorgeous that I made the best of my time and just stayed up there instead of viewing the museum part. It’s pretty rare to see Mt. Rainier on a normal day, but the views were incredible today. Lucky me!


Overall, I’m glad I was able to come back and explore some, without using my own money. Seattle is a fun little area, and I’d love to go back and experience the non touristy areas.




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