#395: Go to a Jimmy Buffett Concert

Perfect timing for a cheeseburger picture!

LOCATION: Virginia Beach, VA

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere right now, right? I’ve had this on my list for a while now and figured I should really get to see Jimmy Buffett now since he’s 70 years old. By the way, he puts on a great show for being 70!

Jimmy onstage

The first time I knew he was coming to Virginia Beach, the tickets sold out immediately. Surprising, I know. The second time he came here, I didn’t have anyone to go with. However, I managed to celebrate the night of his concert by cutting my thumb and needing stitches. Oddly enough, I could hear his concert from the hospital and had to wait hours due to the fact everyone needing stitches were coming from his concert. That was definitely an interesting story, and you can read more about me getting stitches HERE. So, third time’s a charm right?

I had heard many things about Jimmy Buffett concerts that made me add this to my list. The most important qualifier being that his concerts were just a big, fun, laid back, beachy type party. These are the items you are most guaranteed to see at a Jimmy Buffett concert. Consider it a scavenger hunt if you will.

OVERSIZED MARGARITA GLASSES – While I didn’t see any people at the concert with these, I saw him on stage with one during the song. That counts right?

HAWAIIAN SHIRTS – Good lord there were so many Hawaiian shirts. Does Tommy Bahama sell out right before? Where do people gets these from?!

BEACH BALLS – Yes, these were a plenty. My favorite being the cheeseburger one. How creative.

Cheeseburger. Is Va Beach the paradise?

GRASS SKIRTS – CHECK! I should have worn one.

The costumes

PREGAME TAILGATE PARTY – Oh yes. I’ve never seen so many tailgators at this venue before. Everyone had large pitchers of margaritas too.

Tailgating was on point!

DRUNK PEOPLE – DUH! Margaritas…tailgating…obviously.

The crowds of drunk people

PARROT HAT – Yes there were a few. Not as many as I had hoped for though.

SEASHELL HORN BLOWER – This was on a list I found, but I never saw this there. Maybe since I was in the cheap seats? This sounds like a legit parrothead goer who would have had seats for sure.

CARS THAT ARE TIKI BARS – Oh yes, I saw this in the tailgate area. Did they even make it to the concert?!

JIMMY BUFFETT GIVES AWAY HIS FLIPFLOPS – Again, this was on a list that I did not see. We didn’t stay till the very end due to traffic and time. However, we were so far I’m not sure I would have been able to see this very well.

Kelly and Jackie

Dana and me


Me, Dana, Kelly and Jackie at the Jimmy Buffett concert

The concert was fun, and I knew probably six songs on his “I Don’t Know” tour (oddly coincidental name). This was more than I originally thought I knew, which was only two. Haha.

Dana demonstrating the landshark dance

The crowd diversity was a good mix of young and old so he’s definitely still got it. The concert going experience was really hyped up to me as opposed to what I got. Maybe if I got in on the tiki bar tailgating it would have been beachier. However, it was a fun show none the less! The best part…not getting stitches!

Made it through a Jimmy Buffett concert without stitches!

*Thank you Dana, Kelly and Jackie for accompanying me on this bucket list adventure.

HOW TO DO THIS: Look up his concert schedule on https://www.margaritaville.com/tour-dates 

WOULD I DO THIS AGAIN: Sure! But, not going out of my way for it.


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