#393: Drive a Lamborghini


LOCATION: Norfolk, Virginia

I’ve wanted to drive a Lamborghini for awhile. Why? I really have no earthly idea. Maybe the thought of driving something so expensive and powerful intrigued me. I’ve never been into cars, so this was very weird for me. Since I wasn’t too into cars, I couldn’t bring myself to pay $350 for the lambo experience in Charlotte, NC. Although, they let you drive it on the motor speedway there, so maybe the experience would have been worth the money.


Lucky for me, Groupon read my mind and offered a Lamborghini or Ferrari driving experience in my area for $80 (originally $550). One week before my set driving time, they sent the 13 page release form. The form nearly scared me into not driving period! If you scratched the car, they charged you $7500. If you drive above 6000 RPMs they automatically charged you $1000. What sort of adventure was I getting myself into with all these rules?!



Dad drove one too!



Dad driving the Lamborghini

Upon entering the “track”. I use the term track loosely because it was just an over sized parking lot with baby cones set up for you to make 3 “laps” on. I say “laps” because the 3 laps barely equaled a quarter of a mile. If that! Clearly no one would be able to go above 6000 RPMs even if they wanted to pay the money. After a 5 minute briefing on the rules of the car, we lined up and waited our turn to drive. The Lamborghini offered was the Gallardo, roughly a $200,000 car. I got into the car, which wasn’t as low to the ground as I expected it to be. It was difficult to see out of the front windshield, most likely because it was smaller and angled.  I got a practice lap while the guy explained how to drive it, and three regular laps.


Driving about 20MPH here. LOL

The car was manual, but the shifting was a paddle on the steering wheel that the instructor would shift instead of you. Basically I didn’t learn how to drive a manual car today for a second bucket list item. Whomp Whomp. He also explained that we would not be going above second gear. See, the track was WAY too small. The car handled spectacularly and the power of it left me intimated for sure. Or maybe it was the fact that I couldn’t even afford a tiny scratch on the car. He told me I could go faster, to which I said “I am perfectly fine” as I looked and saw I was only going 20MPH. I’m a rebel, what can I say! He finally talked me into getting up to 30MPH and then said “well, that’s 3 laps” and chuckled at my missed opportunity to go fast, if there was even a fast option for that track. However, I experienced what I wanted and that was good enough for me…for the $80 I spent at least. Dad drove as well and had the same thoughts as I did, we wanted to have the freedom to go on a longer track and really experience more speed from it. There’s always Charlotte though!

Here’s video of Dad driving. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvrBB0iHf4Q

*Thank you Dad for going on this adventure with me.

HOW TO DO THIS: There are a few driving experiences around the States. This one was a traveling company and I do not recommend it. However, one of the best would be in Las Vegas. I’ve heard good things about them and they offer tons of cars to choose from. Dream Racing



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