#392: Write a Children’s Book

Virginia Beach, VA

Writing a children’s book has been on my list since the very beginning. I would always try to think up ideas and nothing ever stuck. Sometimes the best ideas come to you at the most random moments and usually due to inspiration. My dog Marvel was my inspiration. Marvel is now 7 months and 50lbs, no longer a small puppy!! Even though she is large, she has been unable to jump onto things like small dogs do. She just recently learned how to jump on the couch, even though at times she fails.

trying to get on the couch with a bone


Still can’t get on the couch

However, she is unable to jump on a bed or even into the car. It’s quite funny actually because smaller dogs can even make those leaps.



Here’s a video of me capturing her car jumping, or lack thereof. Haha

While at work, I was discussing Marvel’s ability to fail at jumping when my coworker brought up the fact that her Boston Terrier (Ollie) could jump onto the bed and into the car. Ollie is 5 months old and super small. She said Ollie could teach Marvel how to jump, and thus the story was born.


Book Cover

Book Cover

“The Dog Who Could Not Jump” is a story about Marvel trying to jump onto a couch, bed and car. She is unable to and gets even more frustrated when she sees her friends jumping onto things. Her friends Maggie (mom’s Havanese),

Maggie the Havanese

Maggie the Havanese

Ollie (co-workers Boston Terrier), and Sonic (friend’s Chihuahua)

Sonic the Chihuahua

Sonic the Chihuahua

are all much smaller and are able to jump onto a couch, bed and car. During her frustration, she comes across a wise old Beagle (Daisy) and asks her how to jump.

Daisy the wise Beagle

Daisy the wise Beagle

The beagle tells her that she just needs to believe in herself and she can do it. Marvel starts to believe in herself and is soon able to jump on everything. The moral of the story is you can do anything your heart desires if you just believe in yourself.

Daisy and Marvel

Daisy and Marvel

Next up is to get it published! I have already sent the manuscript to several publishers who accept unsolicited authors. There is currently a 3-4 month turnaround time on a bid or rejection. If I don’t hear from them in that time, my next avenue is to get a literary agent. I’m giving myself one year to get it published and if it doesn’t work, then I’ll self-publish it on my own. In the meantime, it was fun to put a little picture book together on Shutterfly for me to have. Wish me luck!



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