#389: Go Apple Picking


LOCATION: Carter Mountain Orchard, Charlottesville, VA

First things first. HOLY BUCKET LIST HIATUS! It has been awhile since I last did something, and let me tell you, it has not been without trying! I’ve attempted to go to a hot air balloon festival (disorganized line, and wait times that didn’t let us in), I’ve attempted to see Justin Verlander pitch a game (he pitched the night before I was there), I’ve attempted to go to Cedar Point in Ohio and kayaking Blackwater Rivers in SC (bad timing), and I’ve attempted to see wild horses….TWICE!! (Canceled due to weather, and the second time the horses didn’t even show up). So yes, it’s been a little frustrating and made me realize you can’t control what happens in life, BUT you can pick apples! So, apple picking I go!

Needless to say I wasn’t too thrilled when I woke in the morning to it thundering and pouring. I wasn’t going to let this become number 7 in the streak! I decided to drive up to Charlottesville anyways.


BOO rain!

Yes. I drove 2.5 hours just to pick some apples. I have gone farther for less. For instance, driving to NYC during the holidays just to have chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Yea, I did that.

Carter Mountain Orchard is in a pretty location. Unfortunately, due to all the fog, I couldn’t see much, but it did make for a creepy looking drive up the steep mountain it was located on.


I arrived shortly after they opened at 9am and there were already about 60 cars parked. If this is what it’s like in the rain, I cannot imagine on a nice day! They have all kinds of apples available for the picking that included golden delicious, Jonagold, Fuji, Winesap, and York.


SO many people there when it opened!

SO many people there when it opened!

I went for the Fuji and Winesap mostly. There were lots of great apples to pick from which surprises me due to the amount of people that come. The really good ones were up high of course but you could borrow an apple up high contraption (my name, not there’s). It assisted in the higher up pickings.


Apple picking at Carter Mountain Orchard

Apple picking at Carter Mountain Orchard


High up apple contraption


Apple picking at Carter Mountain Orchard

Apple picking at Carter Mountain Orchard


I managed to get 10 good ones for my basket and called it a day. Aside from the picking, they also had hard cider, wine tastings and a craft and bake shop. Is 9:30AM too early for wine slushes?? It was a pleasant experience and I would love to visit again in nicer weather with friends. Oh! And they are dog friendly, so even better!!

img_2169 img_2165 img_2164 img_2163

Now, on to some important matter since I broke the streak, finally. I’ve had a lot of criticism about why it was important to me to knock something off. Well, this list and all these items are my goals. Some people have goals of their own that consists of school, changing jobs, hobbies, running, etc. I never question those goals! And, if you’re unable to make your goal when you set to, it’s upsetting! Imagine having that happen 6 times in a row, it’s upsetting for sure! So no, this bucket list isn’t just random things I want to do, these are my life goals to complete and as silly as it seems, it is what makes me happy. I think everyone should take the time to figure that out for themselves.

Hopefully the hiatus is over! Happy bucket listing!

WOULD I DO THIS AGAIN: Absolutely!!! It was fun and would be beautiful on a nice day. Plus lots of wineries near by!

HOW TO DO THIS: Go early! They get packed fast. Carter Mountain Orchard is pay per pound. http://chilesfamilyorchards.com/orchards/carter-mountain-orchard/



2 thoughts on “#389: Go Apple Picking

  1. Yay! I’m so Glad to see your back in the saddle and the streak is over. I understand these life goals, People sometimes mock my list also. You are an inspiration,
    keep your dreams alive! Fellow lister from Charlotte, N.C. Tiffster5000

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