#387: Attend a Professional Soccer Game


DC United vs Vancouver Whitecaps. Washington DC


I’ve never been into soccer as a sport, however after the exposure from the most recent world cup game, I decided I wanted to give a live match a try. Mostly, I just wanted to be the obnoxious horn girl with my vuvuzela.


A week before the game, I kept having a weird number call me yet they never left a message. Finally, after being annoyed I answered. It was a man from the stadium asking how I was and if I was looking forward to the game. He asked if there was any info I may need or anything I needed before coming there. I’ve been to several live sporting events before and never once have I had a courtesy call from the stadium asking about my needs. Soccer was really nice!

What wasn’t nice was the day I picked for us to go. What I had hoped would be a fun game in nice, warm weather ended up being a blistering cold game with winds blasting the cold air on my face. It even snowed! And it’s April!!!!


I went to the game with Lina and my friend Jason from high school. Upon meeting up with Jason, he promptly told us that our vuvuzelas were not allowed in the stadium. How could they not allow them??? It’s a soccer right! Devastated, we threw them away.


The game was fun and exciting, even without the horns. We were sat on the visiting side, however the home side was wild and crazy. Fans were standing and jumping up and down chanting the entire time. The bleachers were in motion like waves of an ocean.  Beer was flying everywhere. I was assured by my friends that they were not doing it in order to stay warm.





DC made four points against Vancouver allowing us to scream out goooooaaaalllll just as I had wanted to. Now if only I had my horn to really show my enthusiasm.  The game was fun! Next time, warm weather is required, and maybe in another country!

*Thank you Lina and Jason for accompanying me on this adventure.


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