#386: Go on an African Safari


Aquila Private Game Reserve. Cape Town, South Africa

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Knowing I was coming to Africa, there was no way I was going to miss the chance at a safari. I am very glad I did go too because now I can appreciate when I go on a REAL African safari. Haha.

Aquila Private Game Reserve is a safari that opened in 1985. Located in the Cape Town area amongst green grass and large mountains, it isn’t exactly what I expected from a traditional safari experience. Upon arriving we were given a glass of sparkling grape juice and a large buffet breakfast to enjoy in the restaurant or out by the pool. After two hours of waiting, we were split into groups and boarded safari trucks.

safari2 safari3

With Lauren on the Safari

With Lauren on the Safari


The plains of the safari park were dismal and sparse. We first came across two elephants that were beautiful. Along the way to the other area of the park, we past a lot of ostrich too.



safari11On the other side of the park we saw a few zebra and rhinos with their babies. We kept our distance from the rhinos since they were protective. It was cool to see them fairly up close though.



Last but not least, we headed to the lion area. The lions were gated off since the reserve was still somewhat new. They wanted to keep the prey drive separate until the safari could be established more. Sadly, the lions were hidden behind some rocks way up. It was like a puzzle trying to find them, which I’m very bad at. It was more frustrating than anything.

Can you find the lion?

Can you find the lion?

Before we knew it, our safari was over. We were then driven to a caged part of the park where they had lions and leopards. Not sure why they were in cages and not in the reserve, but I’m assuming something to do with establishing the park.

safari27 safari26 safari25

After talking to a couple that have done a safari on the Serengeti, I was disappointed. A real safari has all the animals out in the open, and you can camp with men protecting you with guns. This felt more like a glorified zoo experience, with fewer animals. However, a safari is a safari I guess? I’m looking forward to a real one someday now!

WOULD I DO THIS AGAIN? Am I glad I did it? Yes. Would I do it again here? Nope. Would I go on a safari somewhere else? Yes!

HOW TO DO THIS: ZAR 2490 (around $178) http://www.aquilasafari.com/day-trip-safari

*Thank you Lauren for accompanying me on this adventure.



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