#378: Drink a Glass of Dom Perignon


Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Dom Perignon is a vintage Champagne named after a Benedictine monk. In 1868, a monk named Pierre Perignon was a procurator of wine cellars at the Benedictine Abbey. His wine making techniques helped to create one of the world’s greatest wines. What is particularly special about this vintage wine is that it is never produced in weak years and all grapes used to make each bottle are harvested in the same year with rare bottles that date back to 1921. It is considered one of the most sought after and prestigious wines in the world. While some of their wines are in the thousands of dollars, a 2004 bottle of Dom Perignon is around $200, which still carries a hefty price tag in my eyes.

How I was able to try this champagne is an interesting story that I wondered how I should write about since it seems personal. Lucky for me, I was introduced to a nice man who sees the value in taking opportunities and the importance of a bucket list and completing items off of it. Willing to share in my adventure, he surprised me with a bottle of Dom Perignon 2004 vintage on a first date. Yes, he set the bar high for sure.

The flavor was very fruity and classic. Considering I had sparkling wine just  the other day from New Years, I could really tell the difference in quality. This was no doubt the cream of the crop. I’m pretty sure that what made the experience even better was the surprise of such a thoughtful gift. Definitely an interesting way to start 2016!


HOW TO DO THIS: Find bottles at local wine shops or more vintage labels online at http://www.domperignon.com


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