#375: Go Tequila Tasting in Mexico


Location: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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I’ve been to Mexico a few times now and still have not had the pleasure of doing tequila tasting, like a proper tasting of it. Most shops will allow you to try whatever tequila you wanted so that you’d eventually buy it. However, I wanted to do a tasting and learn about how to make tequila. That’s my definition of a proper tasting at least.

My sightseeing tour group for the day took us to Hacienda Tequila for our tasting and tour. It was a Mexican gift shop like all the others, but had a back “museum” room for the tequila tour. There, we learned the process of how it is made.



Tequila is made from blue Agave plants that are about 8-10 years matured. A Jimador is someone that manually removes the plant for harvesting. It takes 17 pounds of Agave to produce 1 liter of tequila. The hearts of the plant are steamed in a cooker and the liquid flows into a steel pot for fermentation. The liquid then goes through a double distillation process. Once this process is complete the tequila is 100% proof and clear and from there they add flavoring or water to reduce the percentage. The flavor is enhanced with age in barrels just like most liquors and wines



We then tried three different tequilas. A white tequila, an almond tequila and a vanilla tequila. The white one was not very good to me, but the almond and vanilla were good. They weren’t really used for “drinking” tequilas. They would be good on top of ice cream or brownies or some other dessert.



White, Almond, and Vanilla tequila

White, Almond, and Vanilla tequila



Overall, the experience was alright. You can go into any of these shops and try the same for free as well. I haven’t seen too many places offer any “tour” on it though. I’ll stick to my beer and wine tastings for now.

WOULD I DO THIS AGAIN: Probably not. Tequila isn’t really my thing.

HOW TO DO THIS: Hacienda Tequila is located in Cabos San Lucas near the marina. I haven’t seen any other stores with a tour to it, but you can try tequila at any shop.




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