#370: Play on a Volleyball League


LOCATION: Paradise Ocean Club: Hampton, VA

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I’ve wanted to play on a volleyball league for a very long time. And by long time, I mean like high school age. Why I haven’t played until now is simply the fact that I know I’m not great at sports and didn’t want to let any team down by my awfulness. However, when a bunch of friends decided to play for the WAKA league, I decided to face the fear and play anyways.


Volleyball League

Volleyball League

With a little help from my coworker who is a volleyball coach, I learned some small tricks to improve my game. I didn’t know that a bump was made mostly with your legs and not with your arms! Who knew!! Our first game was definitely a messy one as nobody really knew exactly what they were doing.



Team KISS MY ACE. Joe, Jerry, Dwight, Aaron T, Aaron J, Debbie, Me, Amanda and Erica.

Team KISS MY ACE. Joe, Jerry, Dwight, Aaron T, Aaron J, Debbie, Me, Amanda and Erica.

Luckily I was in good company because I was not the only clueless person in the league. It was refreshing to know that everyone was here to just have fun. While my game coordination was all over the place, my serve was spot on. I was able to deliver it to the same spot each time right beyond the net and it was a hard one to return. At least I was good at one thing!



Erica and me

Erica and me

Over the course of 6 games, our team improved more than any other. However, we only had one win out of all 6 games, but we had a lot of fun! The tournament definitely made for some interesting times as it was played in horrible wind. While we still lost, we managed to play as best as we could, especially knowing that the wind was bringing the balls right back to our side.

TEAM KISS MY ACE: Dwight, Aaron J, Aaron T, Amanda and me

TEAM KISS MY ACE: Dwight, Aaron J, Aaron T, Amanda and me

I’m really glad I finally got out there and played and now I know that I absolutely love volleyball. I will continue to play for a while! To any team I join, I’m sorry? haha

* Thanks to everyone on my team: Erica, Joe, Aaron J, Debbie, Aaron T, Amanda, Jerry and Dwight. As well as thanks to Seth, Jonathan and everyone else who played in the league.

Would I do this again? Absolutely. I love volleyball!

How to do this: Find a league online. I joined with WAKA. http://www.kickball.com



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