#369: Go to Atlantic City


LOCATION: Atlantic City, New Jersey

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Atlantic City is known for being a resort city on the beach with a boardwalk full of casinos and beach stores. Considering I live in Va Beach near a boardwalk and don’t like to gamble, why would I want to go here? Simple, because I can and it was close to me visiting Lina in Maryland (3 hour drive).





atlanticcity11However, with loads of traffic, our 3 hour drive sadly turned to 5. The boardwalk was a lot larger than I expected it to be and was full of beach stores just like at home. The main difference was the skyline of casinos filling the street. Considering there were a lot of casinos that resembled Las Vegas, such as Bally’s and Caesars Palace, I expect the casinos to have amazing indoor décor as well.

Casino gaming area

Casino gaming area

Casino gaming area

Casino gaming area


Sadly, they did not. The décor was mostly outside as the inside ONLY contained the gameplay part. I think my favorite thing about Vegas is walking into all the casinos and seeing how they are set up before you get to the game play portion. However, the boardwalk was beaming full of life, culture and music. I really wish Va Beach would do something similar as it was more inviting this way. The downfall: Atlantic City is EXPENSIVE.


Our pricey Atlantic City drinks

Our pricey Atlantic City drinks



atlanticcity23 atlanticcity24

Hotels are around $200 a night, the food starts at $15 a plate and drinks are pretty pricey as well. In theory, I could probably go to Vegas for cheaper but this was a semi short drive away. Would I fly here to vacation? NO WAY. Was it fun to spend a day piddling around? Absolutely.

It's not Jersey without the Jersey Shore fist pump

It’s not Jersey without the Jersey Shore fist pump

*Thank you Lina for accompanying me on this adventure.

Would I do this again? Sure. I’d love more time on the boardwalk

How to do this: Find a hotel near or on the boardwalk and GO!



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