#359: See the Cliffs of Moher



LOCATION: Munster, Ireland

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The Cliffs of Moher are located along the southwestern edge of Ireland and are 390ft to 702ft above sea level and stretch about 5 miles long. Also at the cliffs is the O’Brien’s tower which was built in 1835 by Sir Cornelius O’Brien. On a clear day, you can see Galway Bay from the top.


O'Brien's castle

O’Brien’s castle

Our trip to the cliffs started with a trip to the baby cliffs first. With the baby cliffs being small yet inspiring, I couldn’t wait to see what the larger cliffs would look like.

Baby Cliffs

Baby Cliffs

It was definitely not a letdown as the cliffs were absolutely gorgeous. We were given 2 hours to walk around and I suggest walking as far as you possibly can during that time. The scenery gets better and better the further you walk. It was a nice day, but so super windy.


Super windy!

Super windy!


There were a few times I thought my camera was going to fly out of my hand it was so windy. Along the walk, there is a wall that separates the walking path from the cliff path. While the cliff path is much more dangerous from falling, it provides better views. I suggest getting on that side soon and walking along carefully.



Our guide told us that several people come to the cliffs to end their life there, and some just accidentally fall to their death. One lady, 3 weeks ago, died there from falling. We didn’t make it to the memorial, but apparently there is a stone memorial commemorating all that have died at the cliffs. The drop is nothing to joke with that is for sure! I would make multiple trips to the cliffs to see more. I bet it’s very pretty around sunset/sunrise. Maybe that’s my next trip?

*Thank you Lori and Ryan for accompanying me on this adventure.

Would I do this again? Yes. SO SO SO SO beautiful. I questioned whether to do this or not, but so glad I did. Very much worth the visit.

How to do this: Paddy Wagon offered a great tour to the Cliffs! It is $44 and is an all day excursion. http://www.paddywagontours.com/CLIFFS-OF-MOHER-Day-Tour-From-DUBLIN



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