#353: Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC


LOCATION: Washington DC

The Cherry Blossom Festival in DC has been something I’ve been trying to accomplish nearly 4 years now. It’s especially hard when you have to plan a trip there right when the trees bloom, and determining their bloom date is simply a guess on weather activity.


Once they start to bloom, there is approximately 14 days before they peak and then go away. In other words, seeing these trees requires some fast acting plans.



The festival is a celebration from 1912 commemorating the gift of the cherry trees Japan gave to the United States to celebrate a new found relationship. The first two trees were planted around the Tidal Basin, and are still there today. After years, many more varieties of the cherry blossom tree have been planted around the Tidal Basin and around the city.  There are 12 different varieties of trees, but the Yoshino and Kwanzan tree are the most dominate of the bunch.

MMM Cherry blossoms smell good!

MMM Cherry blossoms smell good!


I went on the last day of the festival, but certainly not the last day of the tree bloom. Most of the trees were still in their puffy white phase and had not reached the full pink bloom yet. It was still very pretty to see. I also shared my enthusiasm for the trees with thousands upon thousands of other people. It was particularly hard to walk around the Tidal Basin area with so many people, but every once in a while I found myself with a clear and pretty shot without the crowds. Are the cherry blossoms worth seeing in DC? Absolutely!

*Thanks Will for accompanying me on this adventure!

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: Absolutely! It was so pretty there and I would love to see it when they finally turn pink.

HOW TO DO THIS: Keep a watch on the bloom periods.



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