#345: Go to the Luray Caverns



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I’m not sure what I expected the Luray Caverns to be. I’ve been to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico and those were breath taking. How could anything else ever compare! A while ago I went to some caverns in northern Virginia that were really small, I think I figured these would be something similar since it was around the same area. I was definitely wrong.luraycaverns

Upon arrive, there was a long line. This could mean that it is a great place to visit…or just a very very bad tourist trap; I see crowds for that often. Once inside, I knew we made the right choice because the caverns were gorgeous. luraycaverns13There were about a mile of walking through the caverns which wrapped around various stalagmites and stalactites, each view more impressive than the rest. There were a couple of rooms where the rock formations reflected in a pool of water. luraycaverns8This water was so clear that it was almost hard to tell where it began and where it ended. I wish my camera had better low light settings to truly capture just how beautiful the caverns were. Everything seemed to come out blurry when I took it. Another interesting part of the caverns was the organ. They placed an organ at the bottom of the caverns so that the sound would bounce off the rocks and create an echoed music.luraycaverns14

luraycaverns16I definitely think these were quite comparable to the Carlsbad Caverns I visited long ago. Beautiful is an understatement.

* Thank you Troy, Aaron and Ashley for accompanying me on this adventure.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: Yes! It was very pretty inside.

HOW TO DO THIS: Just for Luray Caverns, it is $24. There are several things to do around the area as well. www.luraycaverns.com



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