#344: Tour an Active Aircraft Carrier


LOCATION: CVN 71 Theodore Roosevelt. Norfolk, VA

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It’s not often you get to take a tour of an aircraft carrier that is still in use. I’ve been aboard the Midway in San Diego. Since it’s been turned into a museum, it looks cheesy and made up to not reflect a realistic ship at all. I wanted to see the real deal, in action and ready to go.

CVN 71

CVN 71

Troy was able to escort us all on after normal working hours were done. The ship seemed relatively deserted and almost ghost like as the sun began to set. We were able to walk on the flight deck which made me feel like I was going to relive some “Top Gun” movie moments.

Top Gun style

Top Gun style

After walking along the top we were able to go into the interior of the ship. The interior was basically small hallways, small ladders to more floors, and oval doorways lining out as far as you could see.

The many corridors

The many corridors

Each door you opened needed to be hard latched behind you almost like a vault. There were a bunch of codes on the walls as well. These codes helped to determine where you were on the ship. Troy tried to explain it, but it still never made much sense.

Determining where you are on the ship

Determining where you are on the ship

We were also able to go into the anchor room where the chains and anchor stay. The chains were massive. It is hard to believe that any kind of anchor would be able to secure this large of a ship.

In the anchor room

In the anchor room

The tour brought to life what it is like for a sailor in the military. I’m not sure it is a job I could handle and being stuck on the ship for long periods of time during the deployment. It was an eye opener into the type of person that protects this country and I won’t take their job for granted one bit.

* Thank you Troy, Aaron and Ashley for accompanying me on this adventure.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: Absolutely. It was interesting to see it in action as opposed to a museum one.

HOW TO DO THIS: Have an active duty military member escort you aboard for a tour.



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