#342: Eat a Cheesesteak in Philadelphia


LOCATION: Sonny’s Cheesesteaks Philadelphia, PA


When I came up with the idea to eat a cheesesteak in Philly, it was more for the experience of eating a Philly Cheesesteak where it originated. However, the more I looked into it, I never realized there was SUCH a big historical presence just from a cheesesteak.

In the 1930s, Pat Olivieri created the cheesesteak while working a hot dog stand on the streets of Philadelphia.  The sandwich was just rib eye beef, onions and later he added cheese on a loaf of bread and it quickly became a huge success. Pat then opened up Pat’s King of Steaks in the Italian Market where it still originates today.


While Pat’s cheesesteaks are a main stable in the town’s history, I decided to go to Sonny’s instead. It was in a better location, and is known for tasting the best in town. Sorry Pat, no super greasy food in a shady location for me! Sonny’s Famous Cheese Steaks is located on Market and 3st near the harbors in Philly. The place was small, but still offered up a cute Italian feel to it. Not only did the cheesesteak have a vast history behind it, but there was a science to ordering the sandwich as well!


I wanted a cheesesteak with cheese whiz (the classic order, as opposed to American or provolone) and I did not want onions. To order, I needed to say “cheesesteak, whiz, wit out” What?? Yes…that is how I would need to order my sandwich and apparently they want that to be a must since there are signs everywhere explaining just how to order this meal effectively to get the line moving.



I’ve had a cheesesteak before and wasn’t too crazy about it. I’m not a fan of provolone and that was what it came with. With this knowledge, I didn’t have high expectations for eating one again but I was pleasantly surprised. Sonny’s cheesesteak with cheese whiz, or I should say wit whiz was fantastic, not greasy and definitely hit the spot after being at the baseball stadium all afternoon.

I wonder how many other sandwiches have such a rich history such as the cheesesteak.

* Thank you Troy for accompanying me on this adventure.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?:  Yes, it was a very good meal!

HOW TO DO THIS:  Sonny’s Famous Cheesesteak is in a good location near lots of entertainment. They also grill their meats instead of frying them.  http://sonnyscheesesteaks.com/

Pat’s King of Steaks is the original. http://www.patskingofsteaks.com/


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