#341: Go to a Country Concert

Seeing Tim McGraw play

Seeing Tim McGraw play

LOCATION: Virginia Beach, Virginia


I’ve never been much of a country music fan, so it’s a shock that I would have this on my list. I’ve heard a lot of really great things about the country music experience, so this just felt like a “must thing” to do. Worst part is that I really don’t know much about country and he does. We planned to see Tim McGraw since I know a few songs from him. I was getting excited about going and said “I hope he plays achy breaky heart!” Troy seemed to glare at me, “That’s Billy Ray Cyrus.”

Face palm!

I know one of these is Tim McGraw....wait. Right??

I know one of these is Tim McGraw….wait. Right??

We went to the concert with our friends John and Terri, who are country gurus and excited to be there for my first concert. The whole place was packed full of people in cowboy hats and women in dresses with cowboy boots. I too wore a dress, but mine was skulls shaped like cherries. Figured a little rock was needed with my twang. It felt appropriate.

Me, Troy, John and Terri with our awesome photobombers in the back

Me, Troy, John and Terri with our awesome photobombers in the back

Tim McGraw played a great long set and was very generous with his fans. He even gave a guitar away. The crowd seemed really into it and was much nicer than people at rock concerts. Maybe rock makes people angry, who knows, but even the people photobombing our pictures were really awesome.


Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw

I ended up knowing only two songs out of the many songs he sang, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good atmosphere and vibe…I MAY even be converting to country, just don’t tell Troy that.

*Thanks Troy, John and Terri for accompanying me on this adventure.


2 thoughts on “#341: Go to a Country Concert

  1. Ahhh, that sound like fun. Tell Troy I’ll fill in for him anyway to hear Tim sing. I showed mother you waterfall and AZ pictures. She always says, “Leanne is such a pretty girl”. She likes your bucket adventure. Mom

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