#340: Get Stitches


LOCATION: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Yes, this is on my list, and has been on there awhile…and no I don’t necessarily want it. I made my bucket list because I want to experience as much as possible, because experience equals knowledge. How can I know what its like to get stitches if I never had them before? What’s even funnier is that I was talking about stitches just on Monday with coworkers and why I needed that experience. In other words, be careful what you wish for!

Crime scene weapon: a mandolin slicer. Scene of the crime: attempting to make dried apple chips.


While I was cooking my dinner, I thought it would be a good idea to use my brand new mandolin slicer (actually bought it that morning) to make some cinnamon dried apple chips. Mid slice, there goes a chunk of my thumb. I slice myself often in the kitchen, and always seem to repair it, but as I washed with water I saw the results; stitches were in order.

As we all know, I don’t do well with pain. I faint easily as proven in my blood donation post. So, immediately I sat on the ground and started to call everyone near me and nobody picked up. Finally I got a hold of one of Troy’s friends, Marcus, who lived near by and he picked me up to take me to the ER. The whole way, I felt even more faint and eventually got a wheelchair while waiting to check in. They called me back to take vitals and I explained that I felt faint due to pain. She took my blood pressure and said it was 66/39 and I needed a bed immediately.

So, a bed I got, and it is where I made my home for the next 5 hours waiting to get stitched up. I guess only one person was doing stitches and a bunch of people came in at once needing the same thing, therefore, a wait was inevitable. Plus, it’s the ER…who really gets out in less than 4 hours??



After 2 hours, my dad showed up to sit with me and be my driver home, and finally at 11:45, I was ready to get stitched up. The P.A., Lea, stuck a numbing needle on either side of the base of my thumb. Going next to the bone, this hurt something fierce, and felt especially weird when the cooling sensation washed over my thumb. However, after 10 minutes, it wasn’t enough and she then stuck a needle in the wound. I screamed it hurt so badly. However, once that was done, I couldn’t feel anything in my thumb. She proceeded to start the stitching process while I looked away. I asked if she started and she said that she was almost done with first stitch. WOW, nothing at all!! I then decided to watch the stitching process. It didn’t feel like my thumb, so why not! I even asked if I could do one stitch…which was a no. I was super intrigued by the process and the fishing hook needle. Aside from cutting myself, and the numbing needle…get stitches is actually fun! Yes, I’m weird.


As I watched my finger get sewn together, dad decided to go for a walk. As soon as he got to the door, he limped forward and I told Lea he was passing out. She grabbed him just in time and yelled for a nurse. The nurse comes rushing in thinking it’s me and then sees my dad limp in her arms, and me sitting there wondering if I could actually finish the stitch. They grabbed a wheelchair and sat him down as he came too. Then, off to a room he went…who was going to drive me home now? Needless to say, I guess the fainting runs in my family! While dad rested up, my 4 stitches were complete and I was ready to go at nearly 1 in the morning. While the stitches themselves were not bad, I can’t say the same about this recovery. Currently can’t sleep due to an intense throbbing pain. Plus everything is awkward to grab since I have a splint on as well. The point of this story is that if you want something…it will happen. Next up, I want to cross off win the lottery! Now that I’ve said it, it has to happen right?

* Thanks Marcus and Dad for helping get me to hospital and back home!







4 thoughts on “#340: Get Stitches

      • When I was about 4 or 5, I let another 4 or 5 year old pick me up so that I could get a drink from a water fountain. Unfortunately, she dropped me and my head hit the top of the spout. I blacked out for a while and when I woke up, my mom and all of my mom’s church friends were around me praying for me until the ambulance arrived. :/

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