#335: Go to the Blue Lagoon


LOCATION: Reykjavik, Iceland

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As our last adventure in Iceland, we decided to go out in a relaxing way by making a visit to the notorious Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is a man made lagoon which is fed by water output from a nearby geothermal power plant. The water is heated from the ground near a lava flow and is rich in minerals of silica and sulphur. The temperature reaches around 100 degrees and is known to help skin ailments. While it helps the skin, the water is also known to ruin hair for multiple days, making it extremely dry and brittle.

            We took a bus transport from the hotel to the spa in a location that seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere. Literally noting but lava rocks around and then suddenly milky blue water started to appear.bluelagoon23

Before entering the Lagoon lodge

Before entering the Lagoon lodge

I got excited because the water was every bit like the pictures show, something that I figured was hyped up. We bought the comfort package for 58 Euros, which gave us a silica mud mask, drink, towel, robe and access to the spa. For access to everything, we were given bracelets with a bar code swipe. We could use this to open a locker and pay for anything. It was a pretty nice technology that isn’t utilized enough.

            I had heard lots of stories about the lagoon nude only showers to rinse off in before entering. While they wanted this, plenty of women decided to shower in their suits instead, making it much less awkward. After the showers, we were able to embark on our spa day.bluelagoon20

            The lagoon was absolutely everything I imagined it to be based on the pictures online. The most amazing milky blue water and steamy picturesque views and mountains greeted us. The water was very warm, and some hot spots were practically scorching hot. Lava rocks, sand and mud soothed our achy feet and felt like exfoliates.


bluelagoon12bluelagoon14We all got our first drink from the only bar available before a large line formed, and relaxed in the main pool area. After soaking in the sights we decided to try out our silica mud masks. The bar placed a cold grayish rock in our hand. In order to activate the mud, we would need to submerse it for 2 seconds and then place it on our face for 10 minutes.

Silica mud clay

Silica mud clay

Silica mud masks are scary

Silica mud masks are scary

It wasn’t long before the masks turned super white and cracking. The mask made a popping sound occasionally as well when applying it. We ventured over to a steam cave to wait for our wash off times.

Washing off the silica mud mask

Washing off the silica mud mask

My face felt amazing and so soft after washing it off. This stuff was truly great. Soon after, it began to snow again, which I think really put the icing on the cake. Cold snow falling around a warm abyss, it isn’t often that someone can experience the Blue Lagoon and with snowy conditions. I felt very lucky.

spa shop

spa shop

The lagoon store seemed promising as well with all the silica mud masks available for sale. However, at $105 a tube, I think I’ll just savor my memory instead. I’ve heard mixed things about the lagoon and that it’s a tourist trap, but I think it was well worth every penny and a great experience to top off the vacation. Even better when I didn’t get my hair ruined!

*Thanks Lina, Laura, Lori, Pam, Brandi, Amanda, Katie and Shiran for accompanying me on this awesome adventure.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN? ABSOLUTELY. What an amazing place, especially before you fly out.

HOW TO DO THIS: Different packages online for the lagoon or massages there. www.bluelagoon.com


2 thoughts on “#335: Go to the Blue Lagoon

  1. Leanne! How cool! Your pictures make me wanna try this out too! I am so proud of what you are accomplishing! “Good for you…”

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