#332: Go to a WWE Event



Happy New Year! Hard to believe that this time last year I was flying a helicopter. This year, I decided to ring in 2014 by experience a WWE event. I haven’t had  much experience with wrestling in my time. I remember watching Hulk Hogan when I was young, and I do like the Rock, but that is about it. I do not follow wrestling at all, but I’ve always thought going to an actual match would be worth it.  I do have a funny story involving wrestling that I just had to share. When we were about 20 years old, my friend was dating a guy that was heavily into WWE. Each time there was a match on TV, he would also wrestle a pillow with the same moves that the men on TV were portraying. He would wrestle the pillow for the “belt” each time. The name of the pillow wrestler…Pilla The Killa. HA! I just love that. But yea, that is the extent of my wrestling knowledge.


wwe3Troy and I headed to the Hampton Coliseum for our WW live event.  The big names that night were CM Punk, RTruth , Daniel Bryan, Big E Langston, Justin Gabriel and the USO Brothers to name a few. There were about 8 matches over the course of 3 hours. At first, the events were very entertaining. However, four matches in, all the moves were looking exactly the same. The wrestling was very cheesy, fake of course, and predictable. The person who was booed always lost of course. The events on TV seemed to look more entertaining since there is commentary, music and more excitement. Half way through there was also a caged event. I was really excited to see that, but it didn’t pan out to be much else other than more wrestling. I guess I was expecting something like Celebrity Death Match on MTV back in the 90s.



Overall, I did enjoy the experience, I just didn’t enjoy how long it was. For the amount of time spent there, I would have loved to see bigger and better moves. Maybe a Smackdown event would be more my speed? I’ll go when the Rock is there for sure!

*Thank you Troy for accompanying me on this adventure.



Find local events at http://www.wwe.com


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