#330: Send a Message in a Bottle

My message in a bottle

My message in a bottle

LOCATION: Fajardo, Puerto Rico

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I’ve always been intrigued by messages in a bottle. If I sent one, where would it reach to? Christopher Columbus sent several message in a bottle during his voyage from Spain to the New World. His notes were never found, however other messages have been retrieved. In 1914, a scientist from Scotland sent out 1800 bottles into the ocean to test undercurrents. One of the messages was recovered in 2012 and has been the oldest message found to date.

My message

My message

While out in Fajardo on our snorkel tour, I decided to set sail my message.

Beach in Fajardo

Beach in Fajardo

About to toss the bottle overboard

About to toss the bottle overboard

Throwing into the ocean

Throwing into the ocean

My message was a short description of my goal and how to contact me. I let it out as we sailed back to our island and it was amazing how fast it disappeared into the sea. Hopefully it would make it out of Puerto Rico. Hopefully it would be found.

Now, to wait.

*Thanks Becky for accompanying me on this adventure.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN? I think this is a one time thing for me, but I can’t wait to see if it gets found!

HOW TO DO THIS: Clear glass bottles work best. I bought a small glass bottle with cork at Michaels. I placed my note inside and hammered the cork in a little to get it tight. I also wrapped the top of the cork with clear packing tape to give an added seal to it.


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