#326: Rappel from a Building


LOCATION: SunTrust building, Richmond VA

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I think my goal in life is to rappel from everything I can possibly rappel from. I certainly have wanted to rappel from a building for awhile. The Over the Edge Special Olympics charity has been doing building rappels for 3 years now. However, with a $1000 donation requirement, I never thought it would be possible. I’ve wanted to rappel so bad, that I’ve even offered $100 to a window washer while he rappelled down. Obviously, that didn’t work too well.

Finally, my friend Becky convinced me that I have plenty of people that support my list and would love to see me achieve this goal while helping out a tremendous charity. (Thanks for the push Becky) So, in February I decided to sign up and give myself plenty of time to make the money. Little did I know how fast I would be able to raise the money. My friend Jason made a VERY generous donation of $500 and really got the ball rolling. (Thanks Jason!!!) Troy also helped close the gap and before I knew it, I had raised the grand in less than 24 hours. I was humbled, honored and truly gracious to everyone that believed in me and my life goals. Not only was I able to raise $1000, but I managed to raise an additional $500 so I could get the rappel filmed! Thank you everyone!

            The rappel day was finally here. After checking in, they geared me up with a bunch of harnesses and safety devices. The process for rappelling down this 25 story building would be fool proof. All I had to do was pull a lever gently that would allow me to slowly descend, and feed some rope through from the bottom. buildingrappel5

            I’ve never been a fan of heights (funny, I know) the view from the top didn’t seem too bad until that special moment of standing on the edge of the building, 400 feet high. Every time I rappel, or jump from an airplane, the worst moment is always that initial step. This was no different. As I stood on the ledge, I tried my best not to look down, but it was inevitable, and yes…it was freakishly high.

View from the edge

View from the edge

Looking down from the top. 400 feet up

Looking down from the top. 400 feet up

What in the world was I thinking!? It took awhile to get enough slack in the rope going, but once I was off the side, the rest was a piece of cake. The descent down took about 12 minutes, which was apparently fast since I passed the girl that was ahead of me by quite a few feet. Once I was going, I just wanted to GO! After awhile, my arms were getting extremely tired of feeding the rope and pulling the lever down. However, it was all worth it. The view was pretty nice as well. I definitely don’t foresee myself taking the Spiderman job permanently, but wouldn’t mind stepping in from time to time.

Made it! and tired!!

Made it! and tired!!

It makes me happy that I can conquer some fears, do something I love to do, and be able to support such a wonderful cause. Sometimes a bucket list doesn’t just reward yourself, but it rewards others as well. This was definitely a feel good moment.


*Thanks Troy, Mom and Dad for accompanying me on this adventure and taking video/photos.

A BIG Special thanks to everyone that helped make this happen by donating. Thank you Jason, Troy, Mom and Dad, Becky, Donny, Gary, Phil, Heather, Tommy, Roni and Staci. Without your generous donations, this would never have happened for me!

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN? Absolutely!!


Raise $1000 for the Over the Edge company



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