#323 & 324: Go Liquor Tasting and Go to a Moonshine Distillery


LOCATION: Charleston, SC

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The Firefly Distillery is unique in the fact that it is one of the few that is both a vineyard and distillery. They’ve been making wine for awhile, but in 2008 they decided to make flavored vodkas with their muscadine grapes and tea grown down the street at the Charleston Tea Plantation. It became a hit fast!

The Firefly Distillery

The Firefly Distillery

The place was a large farm with backyard animals and a field of grape vines that you could walk through.

The grape field

The grape field

People were everywhere enjoying banjo music and playing cornhole. There were two barns, one was the winery and the other the distillery. Both barns had a sweet down home charm about them. We went to the liquor tasting room and I received a pleasant surprise, they were now allowing moonshine tastings as well!

Jocelynn and me with the Moonshine

Jocelynn and me with the Moonshine

Two bucket list items for one! For $6 you could try 6 different liquors. I tried the lemonade vodka (which was fantastic), the peach vodka, the chocolate pecan pie cordial and the spiced rum. All were good but the lemonade was by far the best.


            Next was the moonshine tastings. I was able to try the blackberry and strawberry flavors. Both were great but the strawberry was perfectly sweet, sour and moonshiney if that is a way to describe it. My friend Kyle tried the 100 proof white lightning moonshine. It was super strong smelling and even stronger to the taste. Yowza!


            Overall, the experience was great and I’d love to go back and try some other flavors. It’s amazing how fast the distillery has grown in popularity but still manages to keep a mom and pop atmosphere to the farm.

*Thank you Kyle and Jocelynn for letting me stay at your house and also for accompanying me on this adventure.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN? Yes!!! Plenty of flavors to keep going back for.


Tour and tastings available. $5 wine tastings, $6 liquor tastings



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