#315: Go to Hershey, Pennsylvania

Hershey World

Hershey World

LOCATION: Hershey, Pennsylvania

This post is part of my Gettysburg Trip Series. This is the end of the series.

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Hershey Pennsylvania, the land of chocolate. There doesn’t seem to be a lot to the area except for Hershey amusement park, Hershey Stadium and Hershey Chocolate World. With not a lot of time, and needing to get home from the Gettysburg trip, we decided to stop off at Hershey Chocolate World for a few hours and enjoy what this town had to offer. hershey12Going in and riding the chocolate tour was free, however, you had to pay per experience and they weren’t cheap! To make your own chocolate candy bar was $15! We decided to just do the chocolate tasting tour, which was $10. We figured we would taste various chocolates around the world, or even new chocolates being made. Instead, they handed us miniature, fun size bars of Hershey and Hershey dark chocolate, a Hershey caramel kiss, an artisan milk chocolate and Hershey bliss. This…for $10! Wow.

Hershey World Chocolate tasting

Hershey World Chocolate tasting

The tasting consisted of giving a brief history of chocolate and where the cocoa bean comes from. We were then told to smell and hear the sound of the bars breaking. We had to let the chocolate melt in our mouth, no chewing. Considering we have all had these bars before, it wasn’t impressive. Next was the free tour, which was like the ride “It’s a Small World” at Disney.

The Chocolate Tour ride

The Chocolate Tour ride

Cows sang to us about how chocolate is made. In the song, we learned that they make 16 million Hershey kisses each day and the process of making the chocolate. It was one of the cheesiest things I’ve ever done. I definitely don’t recommend doing this in Hershey. In fact, go to a vending machine, buy a Hershey bar for $1 and let it melt on your tongue while reading about the history of chocolate on Wikipedia. That is the equivalent of what we did for $10 per person. See, I saved you money! One thing I did enjoy about the town was the road signs and street lights. Roads had a candy theme name and street lights looked like Hershey kisses.

Coolest part about Hershey PA was the light posts on the streets

Coolest part about Hershey PA was the light posts on the streets

It was cute, however after 2 hours we were done and ready to drive home.

*Thanks Troy and Dad for accompanying me on this adventure.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN? Definitely not. What a joke!


Hershey Chocolate World: http://www.hersheys.com/chocolateworld


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