#309: Hike on a Glacier


LOCATION: Matanuska Glacier, Matanuska Valley, Alaska

This post is part of my Alaska Trip Series.

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My glacier hiking adventure began at the Matanuska Glacier, a glacier that is several million years old. Equipped with crampons and my guide, Ben, we four wheeled down to the park to go hiking. The glacier was large, approximately 27 miles long, and nestled along the bottom of the Chugach National Park.

Matanuska Glacier

Matanuska Glacier

Immediately I could see the gorgeous blue hues of the deep compacted ice in the crevasses. I was skeptical at how crampons worked but was surprised at how effortlessly they allowed me to climb up and down the glacier. If I could have crampons for all activities, I would be a happy camper! The glacier had a lot of black ice and rock which is where the glacier is pushing the rock back. There were deep cave like holes filled with water in some spots. These are called moulins. There were also crevasses with rushing water passing through like a river. These are called a cervoss. The ice also formed really interesting bubble holes. They looked like peepholes into another world of blue. These are called cryontonites.

Tiny glacier bubbles. They were everywhere and very cool looking

Tiny glacier bubbles. They were everywhere and very cool looking

We hiked up and down about 3 miles and got as close as we could to the main glacier frame. Blue cervosses and pools of blue were everywhere and really made the area remarkable. We filled our water bottles with some of the rushing water. It was extremely cold and tasty. I was drinking glacier water that was probably 300 years old!

Matanuska Glacier

Matanuska Glacier

I felt like I could stay in that area forever. Lucky for me, I would be back later in the week to do my ice climbs in that same location. You can read about that experience HERE.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN? Insanely gorgeous, I would love to go back endless amounts of times.

HOW TO DO THIS: Mica Guides Ice Hike. $89 including the $20 park fee. www.micaguides.com


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