#295: Go to Miami

Miami skyline

Miami skyline

LOCATION: Miami and South Beach, FL

This post is part of my Miami Trip Series. This is the start of the series.

Based on the movies, I had this view in my head of what Miami would be like. Shops lining the vast beach, women AND MEN in thong bathing suits rollerblading everywhere, and the most perfect bodies slathered in loads of oil were just a few of the things I had imagined. Needless to say, Miami wasn’t a super top choice for a must have vacation for me, especially since I’m not big into the club scene. A friend of mine that I met on my Contiki trip lived there, and I really wanted to visit. So, off to Miami I went.

For flight costs, I decided to fly into Orlando instead of Miami. It was a 3.5 hour drive to South Beach from the airport, but for saving $200, it was well worth it. I found a parking garage in the South Beach area for cheap, and I’m glad I did too. Without those parking garages, some places wanted to charge $15 for 2 hours. I paid $1 for 2 hours. Smart! A list of great parking places are listed below. Considering it was 3pm on a Thursday in January, the beach wasn’t too happening.

South Beach

South Beach

South Beach boardwalk

South Beach boardwalk

South Beach

South Beach

I didn’t get to see my men in a thong or any rollerbladers for that matter. Sigh. The part of town I was in also did not have the shops lined up along the beach. I only had a limited time before I needed to meet Shiran, so I stayed within my few block radius. Miami had a lot of art and museum places, culture and many interesting bars. If night life is your thing, Miami seems like a great place to visit.

Miami skyline

Miami skyline

While my actual visit to the main touristy area of Miami was brief and not very exciting, it was nice to be with Shiran who knew the area and took me out to some interesting eats. Miami has a big vegan/vegetarian scene and since Shiran is vegan, I asked to try an all vegan restaurant. She took me to Sublime…which was, well, SUBLIME!!! If I could eat their food daily, I would be vegan too!

*Thank you Shiran for letting me stay in your home and for joining me on this adventure.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: I would go again to visit my friend. However, the big party scene isn’t really my thing. I like a more laid back atmosphere.


Parking Garages that are reasonably priced in Miami and South Beach: http://miami.about.com/od/transportation/a/beach_parking.htm

Sublime Restaurant: http://sublimerestaurant.com/


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