#293: Take Pole Dancing Lessons

Pole dancing

Pole dancing

LOCATION: Twisted Fitness (Studio Rio) Virginia Beach, VA.

             Groupon offered a 5 class punch card for pole dancing so my co-worker Sherri and I decided to do it together. I’ve jokingly spun around a pole before, but never tried to do actual tricks or a major workout out of it. I felt like the pole class would be super easy and I would be inverted in no time. Man, I was WAY wrong.

The first class had us do fireman’s pole, various spins with our leg kicked around and ended with a slight leg up inversion.

Attempting to swing around the pole

Attempting to swing around the pole

Hey! I made it up!

Hey! I made it up!

I must not have much upper body strength because each was straining on my arms and hands. The teacher called it the “death grip.” I just called it being unsexy. The teacher was able to spin around the pole gracefully and calmly, whereas I felt like I flailed my body around it in a haphazard way. Needless to say, I left the class feeling extremely unsexy and uncoordinated. The next 4 classes were dreadful since I didn’t like it one bit.

The pole dancing studio

The pole dancing studio

Some of the classes had us crawl on the floor in a sexy way and then spin around the pole. I guess due to my knee fracture, crawling on a wooden floor isn’t the best idea because I felt more like a grandma attempting to save herself with the pole. Not flattering at all. I really just didn’t like the class at all. The only good thing that I enjoyed was seeing the crazy inversions the instructors could do. They were truly talented. Me…not so much.

Here’s what a routine looks like

* Thank you Sherri for accompanying me on this adventure. It was quite the experience pole dancing with you.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: NO WAY! I dreaded doing the last 4 classes after the first one!

HOW TO DO THIS: I purchased a 5 class punch card through Groupon for cheap. However, Twisted Fitness has a lot of classes and not just pole dancing ones. They offer a range of class pricing plans. http://twistedfitnessstudios.com/


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