#292: Turn 30

30th Birthday

30th Birthday

LOCATION: Virginia Beach, VA

             While some may not think this is bucket list worthy; I do. Considering my track record for stunts and injuries, it may come as a surprise that I actually made it to 30! (My parent’s thoughts especially. haha) But, in all seriousness a new decade age is a big deal. It’s hard to believe everything that can happen from 20-30. I’m not the same person in just that time span and I’m very thankful for that. If I was the same person I was when I was 20, then I would have been married to a man I didn’t love, probably with multiple children and would have never known my full potential with everything I’ve wanted for myself. My 20s were a time of figuring out who I really was, so I’m looking forward to moving through my 30s with that knowledge of myself and being able to perfect who I am and do even more. Hopefully when I turn 40 and reflect back I’ll see even more improvements because I want to be ever evolving as the best possible person I can be. Bucket List worthy…most definitely.

30th Birthday Cake

30th Birthday Cake

30th Birthday

30th Birthday

As far as my awesome birthday cake…a few weeks ago Troy asked what kind of cake I wanted. Jokingly I saw “pink zebra.” This obviously isn’t bad because I love the color pink and I do like zebra prints, but did I honestly think I was getting a pink zebra cake? Not at all. So on the 27th at midnight, Troy walks in with candles lit on a pink zebra cake and I was very happy and surprised! Best cake ever!

*Thank you Troy, Dad, Mom, Tommy, Mary, Dana, Travis, Kelly, Lee and Kaylee for celebrating with me on my special day.


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