#288: Hold an Alligator

The baby was so cute!

The baby was so cute!

LOCATION: Wild Bill’s Tour. Invernese, FL.

This post is part of my Orlando Birthday Trip Series.

             So, technically I didn’t hold an alligator for the first time at Wild Bill’s. I actually held my first gator at Gatorland. Considering I must have GOOD picture proof to count it on my bucket list, I didn’t count it even though only 2 days has past. At Gatorland, they have a gator wrestling show. Immediately before or after the show, you are allowed to go into the ring and sit on an alligator (the mouth is taped shut of course). Of course I HAD to do it and it was well worth it. However, Troy wanted to do it too, therefore the official bucket list photographer was some random stranger. Needless to say, the picture wasn’t that great so when I had the chance to hold a baby gator I made that the official picture instead.

Gator Wresting at Gatorland

Gator Wresting at Gatorland

The sit on a gator at Gatorland was very cool. It was only for a brief second, but you could really feel the gator’s strength. The gator moved a little when I was getting up and I can only imagine the power it would have if the mouth wasn’t shut. I recommend anyone at Gatorland to try this. I loved it. Sucks that I couldn’t get a better photo. However, Troy and I both agreed. Bucket list photos were not to be taken by strangers!

While waiting for my airboat ride to start at Wild Bill’s I noticed they had a kiddie pool of baby gators and you could hold one for $3. I jumped at the opportunity to do it! However, I instantly felt bad for my choice when the owner chased the babies with a pool net to catch one.

Trying to get one of the gators

Trying to get one of the gators

I felt bad for the little guys, but they still gave me one to hold. The skin was rough but soft all at once and the owner tickled the gator’s chin to get him to open wide. I was able to hold the baby along the neck and tail and pet him for a while. This was definitely not another 2-second experience. I could hold him as long as I wanted! Baby gators are so adorable and I wanted to take him home. I loved holding him and was glad I was able to improve upon my earlier experience with this one for an even better time.

* Thank you Troy for accompanying me on this adventure.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: I think alligators are super cute, so of course I would do this again! The baby ones are adorable. I think everyone should try to sit on one like at Gatorland. Feeling the strength of an alligator when it whips around is unparalleled.

HOW TO DO THIS: Wild Bill’s Tours had a baby alligator pool to pick them up. Most gator spots will allow you to hold a baby. Gatorland had gator wrestling where you could sit on a gator and get a picture taken. Well worth it!

Wild Bill’s Tours: http://www.wildbillsairboattour.com/ Hold a baby gator for $3

Gatorland: http://www.gatorland.com/ Gator wresting is $10 directly before or after the wresting show.


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