#284: Get Wrapped with an Albino Python

Wrapped with an albino python

Wrapped with an albino python

LOCATION: Gatorland. Orlando, FL.

This post is part of my Orlando Birthday Trip Series.

             While at Gatorland, we went to their show Up Close Encounters. This was basically a show about various animals, bugs and reptiles. It was funny and informative and at the end they brought out a huge yellow albino python for a group of people to hold.

The upclose encounters show with the python

The upclose encounters show with the python

The only thing I could think was, “Man, I wish I could be up there!” As the show ended, my dream would become a reality; they announced that we could get wrapped by the python and get our picture taken for $5. WHAT A STEAL!

I’ve always been interested in snakes and think the albino python is gorgeous. I think my true calling to want to get wrapped by one was when I saw Britney Spears preform her “Slave” song at the Grammys with it. I had to do it!

My turn came up and the guides wrapped the large python around me. She was heavy! She also felt very soft to the touch and it was hard to imagine that something like this could choke the life out of me and eat me in one gulp. The moment was brief, but I was wrapped. It wasn’t exactly the Britney Spears experience I was hoping for, but I was happy to say I did it when I never thought that would happen at that time. I instantly went home and looked up how to keep an albino python as a pet. (which won’t be happening…)

*Thank you Troy for accompanying me on this adventure.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: Yes! I love snakes!! It’s a crazy feeling to feel the weight of it too.


Go to the Up Close Encounters show at Gatorland. They allow pictures at the end of the show. www.gatorland.com


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