#283: Eat Alligator

Eating gator while looking at gators. That's ok right?

Eating gator while looking at gators. That’s ok right?

LOCATION: Gatorland. Orlando, FL.

This post is part of my Orlando Birthday Trip Series.

             It was not my intended purpose to eat alligator while checking out the gators at Gatorland. I did, however, want to try alligator in Florida since it seemed appropriate (that or New Orleans, I guess). I noticed in the gift shop that they had gator jerky with Cajun spices…so jerky I got.

Hungry gators...dumb birds

Hungry gators…dumb birds

After strolling around Gatorland most of the morning, it was snack time! I broke out my jerky right in front of a hungry alligators and started to get my grub on (wrong I know). The jerky was good. I could have done without the Cajun seasoning considering it was super hot and I didn’t have water. But, it wasn’t a bad taste! It had a slight beef jerky taste but with a tang. The Cajun heat was way too much for my taste buds though so I had to toss the rest away. See ya later alligator….jerky.

The entrance of Gatorland

The entrance of Gatorland

* Thank you Troy for accompanying me on this adventure.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: The jerky was good, but not super great that I have to have it again. I wouldn’t mind trying gator tail bites though. These are fried pieces of gator tails.

HOW TO DO THIS: I got mine from the Gatorland gift shop. However, this sites sells all kinds of jerky and they have alligator jerky for a decent price. https://www.mountainamericajerky.com/shop/alligator-jerky/


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