#282: Stay at a 5-Star Hotel

This is what I picked doing when thinking about a hotel

This is what I picked doing when thinking about a hotel

LOCATION: Crowne Plaza Hotel. Orlando, FL.

This post is part of my Orlando Birthday Trip Series. This is the start of the series.

            Most people ask why I would have stay at a 5-star hotel on my list. The answer seems simple to me; because I want to see what a nice hotel actually looks and feels like! I try to do all my trips on a very tight budget. Doing so allows me to take multiple trips throughout the year. Considering I jam pack my trips with loads of activities and adventures, I only use the hotel to sleep and get ready in. No relaxation on my vacations. Considering this, I would rather spend my money on activities than the hotel. This usually leaves me with picking the slum of the slum for hotel stays. In fact, I didn’t even know hotels had comforters that weren’t the ugly flat floral pattern with no cushion to it! Staying at a 5-star hotel in NYC or another large city would be almost $1000 a night, so since I was going to Orlando anyways, I decided to check out their prices. I was able to find a reasonable 2-night stay at the Crowne Plaza.

Our 5 star hotel. Photo by www.crownplaza.com

Our 5 star hotel. Photo by http://www.crownplaza.com

The pictures on the website looked great and I decided to purchase the top-level executive suite with whirlpool tub. Nice huh! Unfortunately, the vacay was still jam-packed and the tub would go unused. The hotel ended up being nice enough, but for 5-star I was expecting a lot more. The bed was fluffy like I wanted but I just expected this grand room with gold plated light switches.

View from the executive suite. Photo by www.crowneplaza.com

View from the executive suite. Photo by http://www.crowneplaza.com

Ok, maybe not that far but something ritzier than this. The rest of the vacation was spent in 4-star Marriotts (because obviously after a 5-star hotel we couldn’t stay at a 1-star.) The 4-star Marriotts in Orlando and Tampa were far better than this 5-star hotel. I think I would try the whole 5-star hotel again, but, I may just do it where it is $1000 a night instead to see if I really get the “gold plated” experience or not.

* Thank you Troy for accompanying me on this adventure.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: Would I stay at this hotel again? No. But, would I stay at another 5-star hotel again? Yes. However, I still would rather do many more activities than spend all my money on a hotel that I only use to sleep at for a few hours until I leave again. The next time I do a 5-star hotel, I want to relax for awhile.

HOW TO DO THIS: I basically just looked up 5-star hotels in Orlando and picked one. The Crowne Plaza was really reasonably priced for the top executive suite.



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