#281: Complete a Warrior Dash

Warrior Dash WINNER!

Warrior Dash WINNER!

LOCATION: Charles City, VA.

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The Warrior Dash is a 3 miles run with multiple obstacle courses along the way. There have been a lot of these runs coming up lately, and some seem harder and longer. However, the Warrior Dash prides itself on being the largest in the nation…which means, bucket list worthy! I’m not a runner so I definitely didn’t want to do one of the longer races, a 5K seemed perfect! I also figured I should do it this year because they don’t guarantee a visit to Virginia all the time, it was this year or bust!

I decided to run with my college friend Cindy and her boyfriend. Troy couldn’t sign up before they sold out but managed to come for support. The night before there was a really bad rain storm and the parking lot for the event was completely muddy causing cars to have a problem parking. We were stuck in traffic for 2 hours just getting TO the site. Eventually, after we missed our 3pm race time, we decided to park on the side of the road and walk a mile to the start line with other followers doing the same; hoping the entire time we would have a car to actually get back to.

We were able to make it for the 3:30pm race time and were pumped to go. I figured there would be lots of people in costumes there, but there weren’t many at all. The race started and since it was so muddy on the dirt track, it was hard to run fast at all. I stayed in pace with Cindy while John tried to make a personal best time. I don’t know how he managed to run fast with all the slipping and sliding we had. It wasn’t long before the first obstacle was up; a barbed wire crawl. Directly after, we had to skip through tires and jump over a wall. After those three obstacles, the next were very sparse in-between to make up the 3 miles we had. We had two lakes to crawl through, which was kind of nerve wracking since I have issues walking/swimming where I can’t see around me. We also had two climbing walls to climb over.

Finally the end was near. We could SEE it, and I could see Troy waiting and snapping photos for us. We had to climb up a cargo climb of rope, jump over the fire and crawl in the mud to the finish line. When I crawled through the mud, I slipped and really fell in causing my whole face to be muddy. Made for great pics though!

Mud crawl at the Warrior Dash

Mud crawl at the Warrior Dash

Jumping the fire at the Warrior Dash

Jumping the fire at the Warrior Dash

We finished it, we were warriors. I enjoyed getting a nice medal for my efforts (I think all races should have them). We also got fuzzy warrior hats and managed to pose in our fierce warrior poses with them. The race concluded with a celebratory beer…and a mile walk back to the car; which managed to still be there.

Race medal

Race medal

* Thank you Troy, Cindy and John for accompanying me on this adventure.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: This race was a lot of fun! I would love to do it again.

HOW TO DO THIS: Check out their locations online www.warriordash.com


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