#280: Go to a College Football Game

Iowa Hawkeyes vs NIU Game

Iowa Hawkeyes vs NIU Game

LOCATION: Iowa Hawkeyes vs NIU at Soldier Field. Chicago, IL.

This post is part of my Chicago Trip series. This is the end of the series.

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It was the season opener and the Iowa Hawkeyes were playing at Soldier Field in Chicago, something that has only happened twice before over the years. Since the Hawkeyes is Troy’s team, we decided to make a fun Chicago vacation out of it. The day started off with a misting rain, but ended up clearing out before the game started. It was amazing to see the thousands of people making their way to the stadium. What was even more amazing was seeing the large amounts of Iowa fans compared to Northern Illinois fans considering this was a NIU home game. Iowa fans greatly outnumbered NIU, by a very very large margin. It was almost like being at a home game for Iowa instead.

Look at all the Iowa fans at the NIU home game

Look at all the Iowa fans at the NIU home game

Iowa Hawkeyes vs NIU Game

Iowa Hawkeyes vs NIU Game

Solider Field was huge! By far the best looking football stadium I’ve been to (I’ve been to two others). The atmosphere was great to see the enthusiasm in the college football fans. I can see why they say college fans are better than professional, because it was. Overall it was a great experience.

Troy getting excited

Troy getting excited

Especially watching the extreme nerves in Troy since Iowa was behind until the very last second and won by one point. I can’t wait to go to another game again soon!

* Thank you Troy for accompanying me on this adventure.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: Absolutely! I would like to experience a home game for a team I like. I also want to be able to tailgate.

HOW TO DO THIS: Look up tickets for a team you want to see, and go! Easy peasy.


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