#276: Eat a Steak from Ruths Chris

mmm steak

mmm steak

LOCATION: Ruths Chris. Virginia Beach, VA.

             Everyone always talks about the pricey, but good steaks at Ruths Chris. Why all the hype? I’ve never been a super fancy/pricey restaurant person, mainly because I can cook well and feel like I can make most things better than restaurants. I put it on my list to see what the experience was all about though.

Today marks Troy and my 2 year relationship and he surprised me with a date here. We dolled up and went, and were practically alone in there since it was a Tuesday night.

We order the calamari first and it had a sweet and spicy sauce on it. The most amazing calamari I’ve ever had! If this was great, I couldn’t wait to get my steak! Eventually the steak came. They prepare it by pan searing it and then placing the steak in a skillet with butter and oven cooking it the rest of the way. The butter melts and makes the steak juicy and tender.

mmm steak

mmm steak

I must admit, the steak was really good and cut like butter. I could have done without ALL the butter on the plate, but it was still really good.

* Thank you Troy for accompanying me on this adventure.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: Their steak was really good, but if I go back I want the calamari!!! It was good to see what all the hype is about.




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