#275: Take a Mixology Class

Making some pretty drinks

Making some pretty drinks

LOCATION: Academy of Bartending. Newport News, VA.

             I’ve looked into a mixology class before, but most of them you have to go through a bartending school and I didn’t want to do that. My hopes were diminishing until LivingSocial put out a deal for a 2-hour mixology class through the local bartending school.

I arrived at the school that was located in a really horrible part of town, which instantly made me question my judgment on this deal. The owner was extremely nice though, so I felt more at ease. She had loads of experience in the bartending world and could basically make you any drink if you described what kind of taste you were wanting.

Bartending seemed simple enough. The cheap liquors that were used often were kept in the wells, which, is why they are called well liquors. Your juices were kept in the well too. Higher end liquors or ones not used as much were up on the shelf and huddled around other varieties of its kind. To pour an ounce of liquor was the equivalent of a second. So, bartenders count when they are “eyeballing” a drink. I’ve always wondered how they didn’t measure and this is why. Something with 2 ounces would be poured as one….two and raise. You don’t finish out the 2nd second, but raise the pourer during that last second to finish out the ounces.

We made several drinks. However, none of them used real alcohol. The mixes looked like what the alcohol would look like, but we were never able to tell if we were truly making them right or not. Definitely something I have trouble with. I can pick out recipes all day, but when I try them, they just seem too strong and not what I had at the bar.

I left with a lot of knowledge about liquor and how to pour, but my recipes were still iffy since I couldn’t try anything. Guess I’m stuck paying for all my yummy martinis to be made.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: I learned a lot in this class that I don’t think I need to take another one again. However, I would like to taste the drinks because when I make them at home, the drink tasted too strong as if I made a mistake.

HOW TO DO THIS: I bought a LivingSocial deal for a mixology class for the Academy of Bartending. They don’t offer this class normally, but do have a certified mixology course http://www.theacademyofbartending.com/index_O4H1.html


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