#271: Ferry Across the English Channel

Crossing the English Channel

Crossing the English Channel

LOCATION: France to England

This item is part of my Contiki Trip Series. This is the end of the series.

             I met my Contiki group early that morning and unfortunately with a severe fever and illness. Whatever Stonehenge voodoo was out there, I got it. I had some of the coolest people on my trip and I couldn’t enjoy it due to my agony. I actually crossed the English Channel twice, once at the start and then again to end the trip. The first one was dreary out and since I felt so bad, I didn’t walk out to get a picture. However, I had to get a picture at the end, no matter how horrible I felt.

Crossing the English Channel was pretty uneventful. The trip from England started in Dover and landed in Calais France. I wish the weather had held up in Dover because the white cliffs of Dover were supposed to be very pretty to see, however, all I got was fog. The trip was 90 minutes and covered about 20 miles.

View of the white cliffs of Dover. Photo by http://robynandmegdoeurope.tumblr.com/

View of the white cliffs of Dover. Photo by http://robynandmegdoeurope.tumblr.com/

When I originally thought about the English Channel, I had heard of people swimming it and almost put that on my list. Thinking about swimming for 14-19 hours just sounds insane to me! I’m glad I put ferry across it first! The ferry had various duty free shops and food choices. I’ve been on a ferry before in Canada that passed by gorgeous glaciers, but this didn’t pass anything. I was hoping for something more exciting, but at least it gave a cost efficient way to get to France.

P&O Ferries to cross the channel

P&O Ferries to cross the channel

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: It wasn’t exciting or a big deal. It was much more cost effective than flying though. I would use the ferry system again for that reason.


Since this was part of my Contiki package, I’m not sure on the cost. But, the ferry was through P&O Ferries. www.poferries.com/

Contiki Travel is HIGHLY recommended. I would do this all over again a million times. www.contiki.com


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