#266: Go to Paris

View of Paris

View of Paris

LOCATION: Paris, France

This item is part of my Contiki Trip Series.

Switzerland to Paris was a 12 hour drive and I think we could all feel it. Luckily, my medicine from the hospital started to kick in and I was actually feeling somewhat better for a change. We arrived in Paris late. Our driver took us on a quick driving tour of the city to see the Arc de Triomphe. The Arc was located in a round about with heavy traffic. I was surprised how much traffic surrounded it. Definitely seemed like a weird place for it. Our first Parisian night ended with a trip to a local café, called Le Solferino Café, to try escargot and champagne. You can read my post about that experience HERE.

The next day, we woke early to begin our tour. We were given two pieces of advice. Try to start your sentence in French. If you start your question in English, the French will be more apt to brush you off. We were given a few French words to start with. The second piece of advice was beware of the gypsies since they were everywhere.

Shiran decided our first trip would be to the Eifel Tower. We went early in the morning so we could go to the Louvre when it opened. I now wish we would have done the Eifel Tower last since the sky brightened up. Oh well. You can see my post about that experience HERE.

After leaving the Eifel Tower, we walked along the vast waterway called Le Seine and headed towards the Louvre. Along the way were several bridges crossing to the other side. Along these bridges were locks attached to the metal fencing.

The locks of love in Paris

The locks of love in Paris

These locks are to symbolize everlasting love. You lock your love on the bridge and throw the key into the river, thus sealing that bond. The idea seemed really cute. If I go back, I would love to do this!

While walking towards the museum, a woman passed Shiran and I. She turned back and came up to us holding a gold ring, made for a man.

Girl: Excusez-moi, you dropped your ring!

Shiran: No, that is not ours.

Girl: Oh. Well here, keep it. A souvineer!

Shiran looked puzzled, took the ring and kept walking. The girl walks away. After a moment, she returns back to us.

Girl: Money for a coke? I gave you the ring, can I get money for a coke?

I clutched my purse tighter and she noticed. Shiran handed the ring back to her.

Shiran: No, here you take it.

Finally the girl left, but, we just experienced our first Parisian gypsy scam! It was quite amusing afterwards. Shiran suggested that she should have thrown the ring into the river to see her reaction.

Eventually we made it to the Louvre. You can read my experience about that HERE.

Later that evening, we went to the upper valley part of town for our farewell dinner. To get to the restaurant, we had to walk uphill on cobblestones the entire way. Loads of stairs later, we were basically above the city on a hill. It was amazing views up there. After taking multiple pictures, we made our way to dinner. It was all the wine we could drink. I was on heavy doses of meds though so I couldn’t partake. We were served decadent cheeses and bread along with a large helping of escargot. YUM!

Escargot! YUM

Escargot! YUM

The main course was orange duck. I’ve had duck before and wasn’t too impressed, but this was the moistest piece of meat I’ve ever had. This duck was probably the best meal I’ve ever had in my life. I could eat a million of these!

My orange duck dinner

My orange duck dinner

I was extremely impressed by how great the dinner was. What a way to top off my last night in Paris and the end of a truly amazing and unforgettable trip.

*Thank you Shiran for accompanying me on this adventure

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: In the short time I spent in Paris, I wasn’t too impressed. Maybe I need a different view, but I’m fine with not going back for awhile.

Contiki Travel is HIGHLY recommended. I would do this all over again a million times. www.contiki.com


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