#265: Eat Snow From the Swiss Alps

Eating snow at the top of Jungfraujoch

Eating snow at the top of Jungfraujoch

LOCATION: Jungfrau, Switzerland

This item is part of my Contiki Trip Series.

 Eating snow sounds like a weird thing to do, but for some reason the thought just intrigued me that I could eat snow from such a famous location. My throat was so extremely sore that eating the snow was almost a must anyways just to relieve some of the pain. So, away I went.

I grabbed a bunch of snow and munched away. Shiran thought I had gone crazy. It was seriously some amazing tasting snow! Not that I eat a lot of snow, but I thought the water was amazing in Austria, and this was directly from the source! The snow was wonderful as it melted into a crisp and pure water and it felt great on my throat. After I munched on a few snow balls (yep, more than one for this girl) I noticed other people around me decided to do the same thing. Eating Swiss Snow…trending!!!

*Thank you Shiran and Sue-Anne for accompanying me on this adventure

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: As silly as it sounds to eat snow somewhere, this was so good!

Contiki Travel is HIGHLY recommended. I would do this all over again a million times. www.contiki.com


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