#249: Go to the Red Light District

Red Light District

Red Light District

LOCATION: Amsterdam, Netherlands

This item is part of my Contiki Trip Series.

 Once the sun went down, Amsterdam turned into a new and exciting place. It is crazy to think that something so beautiful and peaceful during the day could turn to such debauchery at night. The many corridors of the streets suddenly had red lights glowing; we were in the Red Light District for sure. Our guide gave us a quick warning before we walked around. Do not take photos OF the women. They will either come out of the room, or their pimp would come and, take your camera and throw it in the canal. Other than the photos, we could do basically anything we wanted without it being a problem. She also explained to us the high importance their job is there. In Amsterdam, prostitution is actually regarded as a great career with benefits provided.

Red Light District

Red Light District

Red Light District

Red Light District

As we walked around, I began to notice just how extremely gorgeous these girls were. I was expecting some really raunchy women since it was only 50 Euros to go in their room. They were all amazingly attractive though. As you walked close to their door, they would either open it and hold their hand out or they would suggest you come in. If someone was in the room with them, they signified it by closing the red curtains. One of the girls in our group stood at one of the prostitutes door too long, the woman came out of her room and said “Move along, I’ve got work to do!” Somewhat scared, we moved along quickly!

After walking around the red lights for awhile, we were taken to Casa Rosso, which was a club that had sex shows.

The Casa Rosso Theatre. Photo by http://impressive.net/people/gerald/

The Casa Rosso Theatre. Photo by http://impressive.net/people/gerald/

All of us were really hesitant at first, however our guide assured us that it was something we definitely needed to do in Amsterdam, especially since it’s so common. So, all of us agreed to go in and it was definitely an interesting experience. Actual real couples were on stage having sex, there were audience participation shows as well as individual shows. The club was known for their banana show. That is all I’m going to say about that. Amsterdam really started off the trip with a bang, and for all 50 of us Contiki people, we really got close…fast!

To see my experience with Amsterdam in general, go HERE.

*Thank you Shiran for accompanying me on this adventure

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: It was an interesting experience I will never forget. I think everyone should go here at least once in their life.

Contiki Travel is HIGHLY recommended. I would do this all over again a million times. www.contiki.com


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