#247: Go to Stonehenge



LOCATION: Wiltshire, England

This item is part of my Contiki Trip Series.

 I was really excited to see Stonehenge. When I booked my trip to England, I made sure that I was going to be able to see this even though it was far away. I couldn’t go to the UK and NOT see it. The bus tour from London to Wiltshire was 2 hours. By the time we got there, the weather had drastically changed. It was about 32 degrees and the wind gusts were hurricane force. It was also raining really badly which made it even colder. I managed to run to the stones, take some pictures and run back to the bus. Wasn’t the best time spent knowing we had an hour and a half there, but there is literally nothing at that site other than the stones and a gift shop. Unfortunately, the bus driver wouldn’t let us back on the bus to get out of the rain and cold because “he needed his break time.” Once the gift shop filled up, we were just forced to stand out in the cold rain.



I tried to see Stonehenge some more, but since it was out in the open, it just made it too windy. They were cool to see. It was so much smaller than I thought and you can’t get close to the structures at all. I was hoping to stand in the middle of it and see if I could feel anything, however, at the moment I would rather just feel my toes! Warmth please!

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: It was nice to see it once, but definitely no need to see it again.


Stonehenge tours: http://www.stonehengetours.com/

Contiki Travel is HIGHLY recommended. I would do this all over again a million times. www.contiki.com


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