#239: Learn Archery

Shooting arrows in the backyard

Shooting arrows in the backyard

LOCATION: Virginia Beach, VA

            Archery was the first thing to ever be written down when I first made my list. I’ve wanted to learn this for so long. In middle school, our gym class had a two week training course. One group got to learn archery and the other learned golf. I was stuck in the golf course. We see how far that’s got me. I thought learning in Virginia would be easy, however, I was stuck because Hampton Roads didn’t offer many courses for learning.

For Valentine’s Day, Troy decided to get me a crossbow set. Ironically, it made the perfect Valentine’s gift since cupid has a bow and arrow. I ended up getting a pink child’s crossbow. The adult crossbows have 80lbs of pressure and there was no way I could pull the string back with that much pressure, let alone multiple times. The child’s crossbow only had 25lbs of pressure. Doable!

We set up a cardboard target against his fence in the backyard. Probably should have had a real target, but this would do fine in a pinch. I positioned my crossbow next to my face and pulled back. The arrow went way off to the side. After a little practice, I was able to hit my target. It was so much fun!


* Thank you Troy for a great Valentine’s gift, for accompanying me on this adventure, being the biggest supporter in what I do and always being there to take the pictures for me.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: Yes! It is a lot of fun.

HOW TO DO THIS: Look up archery ranges in your area or buy one! It is easy to set up hay barrel targets in the backyard.


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