#238: Ride an Elephant

Elephant ride!

Elephant ride!

LOCATION: Renaissance Fair. Phoenix, AZ

This is part of my Arizona Trip series. This is the end of the series.

            While walking around the Renaissance Fair, we stumbled upon a petting zoo type area. There, right before me was an elephant! “OH MY GOD! I can ride an elephant here??!?” I screamed out to Becky. She looked at me confused, “Yes, of course. You can ride elephants almost anywhere in Arizona.” I gasped at this, I totally thought I would have to go somewhere like Thailand to make my elephant ride come true. At the fair, this was only $5!

The elephant I would get to ride

The elephant I would get to ride

Excited, I stood in line immediately to get my ride on. I was a little disappointed that I had to ride with another lady and her daughter, but they wouldn’t let me ride alone even when I offered to pay more. But, a ride is a ride. The elephant’s skin was rough to the touch, but it was crazy to feel all the muscles in his back while he moved. He was big! The ride was over before I knew it. It’s always fun to cross stuff off when you least expect it. It just adds to the happiness. No Thailand for me! Well, that’s not true. I’ll make it there too.

* Thank you Becky for accompanying me on this adventure.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: I wish I could have ridden alone. I would like to do this somewhere else like Thailand.

HOW TO DO THIS: I did this through a festival in town.


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