#237: Ride a Camel

My camel

My camel

LOCATION: Renaissance Fair. Phoenix, AZ

This is part of my Arizona Trip series.

            While at the Renaissance Fair, they had a camel to ride. I wasn’t as thrilled about this as the elephant, but I was still pretty ecstatic to get to cross another thing off my list. The ride was $5 and would last about 2 minutes. I got on, and boy did this camel smell bad! The fur was also very course and rough to the touch. I didn’t exactly have expectations for what a camel would be like, but I wasn’t expecting course fur. The ride, however, was pretty cool. I’m used to sitting on a horse and its one stable movement. But, the camel made it feel like a constant back and forth movement with no real rhythm. I was happy to get off and away from the stink though. HA!

* Thank you Becky for accompanying me on this adventure.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: It was fun once, but I’m good.

HOW TO DO THIS: This was through a festival.


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