#234: Go to Cape Cod

Nobska Point Lighthouse

Nobska Point Lighthouse

LOCATION: Sandwich, MA

This is part of my Boston/Cape Cod Trip series. This is the end of the series.

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When I think of Cape Cod I always think of lighthouses, and essentially I was right. There are 14 lighthouses on the islands of Cape Cod. They were formed because the islands were so hard to see that ships often wrecked. There is a graveyard of ships along the coastline and I bet makes for a really great shipwreck dive, if it wasn’t so cold there. Cape Cod is known for having a great summertime with plenty to do, but I was there in a very cold winter so we were stuck at the house most of the days. Eventually we went out and drove around the island.

Out of the 14 lighthouses, the one we went to was the Nobska Point Lighthouse located in Woods Hole. This lighthouse was established in 1828 and was used to protect boating in Vineyard Sound and Buzzards Bay. It was a small lighthouse with a cute cottage attached to it.

Nobska Point Lighthouse

Nobska Point Lighthouse

As we drove around the island, I was able to see all the pretty water surrounding the area. I can understand why this place would be great for the summer since the water was so blue and pristine. After an hour or so, we made it to the historical Plymouth Rock. To get to it, you had to walk up a bridge and look down. They wanted to preserve it, so it was basically at the bottom of a well wall. I expected a big rock, and this thing was super tiny. I would say it was no more than 3 feet wide. SMALL! This was supposed to be the historical rock? Really? I had to laugh at the ridiculousness of it.

This...is Plymouth Rock

This…is Plymouth Rock

After just a lighthouse, a small rock and mostly driving around, my time at Cape Cod had come to an end. I wasn’t too impressed with the area, but mostly because it was winter. Maybe I need another go at this place when it warms back up.

* Thank you Kelly for accompanying me on this adventure and for allowing me to stay at your place

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN?: Yes, but only during the summer time.

HOW TO DO THIS: Tours of Cape Cod at www.capecodscenictours.com


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