#233: Go to Boston

Boston outside Quincy Market

Boston outside Quincy Market


This is part of my Boston/Cape Cod Trip series. This is the start of the series.

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My friend Kelly is from Cape Cod and she wanted to bring her dog back to VA to live with her. In order to do so, she would need to fly there, and drive the 12 hours back. She asked if I wanted to go with, and see Boston and I leaped at the opportunity. Out of all the accents in America, I think the Boston accent is by far my favorite, so how could I not like that area! Her friend Brett graciously said he would take us around Boston for a day before taking us to her parent’s house in Cape Cod. He also got us tickets to a Boston Bruins hockey game.

We arrived around 5pm and immediately made our way to the Garden center. Before the game started, we went to a bar with a bunch of other Bruins fans. Boston really knows how to support their teams because fans were everywhere! I enjoyed hearing all the thick accents as well. We made it to the Garden Center and it was huge! I’ve only been to two NHL hockey games; one in Denver and one in Minneapolis. The Garden Center blew those venues out of the water. Unfortunately, we sat really high up, but we managed to still see the game well. The dynamic of fans was much different than other games I’ve been to. The fans were crass, vulgar and rude…and it was FUN! I can’t wait to go to another Boston sports game some time.

Boston Bruins game

Boston Bruins game

The next day, we went touring around town. Since it was so cold and extremely windy, we weren’t able to explore much. A lot of the touristy things in Boston are outside, which we did not want to be in. We went to the Prudential Center though. The Prudential Center is the tallest building in Boston and has a lookout point as well as history of the area and shops inside. It was pretty cool being up there and seeing the whole city. I was able to see Fenway Park from there as well. Afterwards, we milled around the city some and made our way to the Quincy Market. The market was a large inside and outside food and shop complex. The area was surrounded by beautiful buildings standing tall. I enjoyed looking around the shops. The area is also right around the corner from all the historical walks for Paul Revere. We did not go on the walk since it was too cold. After shopping in Quincy Market for a while, we stopped to watch some street performers and then left. My experience with Boston was brief, and cold but I definitely knew I was going to come back. This place had a wonderful atmosphere about it.

* Thank you Kelly and Brett for accompanying me on this adventure and for allowing me to stay in your homes.



Boston tours: www.allbostontours.com

Prudential Center: $14 admission, military Free.  http://www.prudentialcenter.com/shop/shop_detail.php?id=64


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