#229: Get in a Car Accident

Poor Aspen

Poor Aspen

LOCATION: Virginia Beach, VA

             I know what you’re thinking, “she WANTS to get into a car accident?” The answer is no, I don’t. My bucket list isn’t about things I necessarily WANT to do. It is about experiencing everything I possibly can. If someone were to tell me a story about how they felt after surgery, stitches, or a car accident, I would not be able to relate to their story if I had not been through the same. I just wanted to know how it felt to get hit and go through the process. It wasn’t something I would enjoy and it wouldn’t make me happy but life is about experiences and this is something worth experiencing.

There’s a road near my house called Laskin Road. While the area is amazing with everything you could ever possibly want in it, the roadways leading there are dangerous. There are side/service roads on both sides. If you don’t live in the area, most likely you don’t know the rules for driving on them. This is something I come across every time I drive over there. I’ve always had the “almost” accident come up every time. Today would not be the almost accident though. As I drove in my lane on the left side of the two lane road, a man in a truck darted across to go in the other direction. He came from the service road and crossed right in front of me. I hit him as he crossed me going about 35MPH. Fortunately for him, he didn’t have much damage to the back bed of his truck. I had some good damage to the front of my truck though. Two nice women behind me got out to see if I was ok and told me they would be a witness when the cops came.

Enjoy my diagram!

Site of the accident

Site of the accident

After a few minutes, the cops did come. The man proceeded to tell them that it was my fault because I HIT HIM. But, after talking to the witnesses and looking at the road, the cops told him that I did not have a stop sign or a light and that he needed to wait to cross, therefore it was his fault.

Poor Aspen

Poor Aspen

The whole process sucked and I was left with neck injuries since my seat belt didn’t stop me like usual. My insurance was great though and everything medical and truck damage was taken care of effortlessly. Now, to not have that experience ever again, please!


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